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We all know that reading books to young children and encouraging them to read as they get older is a good thing. Studies have shown that reading for pleasure improves children’s brains, increases their learning ability and can even help with maths. Especially for expat kids, all the positive aspects of reading might prove to be very […]

Kids might moan in the short-term, but using your expat status to give your children the advantage of another language is something that every parent should consider. It’s often the case with children of foreign language-speaking parents that they’ll want to stick to one language, while the other falls by the wayside. For those who […]

Rather than be concerned about the invasion of tablets, smart phones and other electronic gadgets, remember, if used effectively they can help your expat child feel at home in their new country. With a huge variety of apps and software for everything from staying in touch to staying safe, you can find a great selection […]

With more parents undertaking international work assignments than ever before, a growing number of children have begun to experience their childhood in a foreign atmosphere, learning to adapt to an expat life. The implications of moving abroad are significant for children in both advantageous and disadvantageous ways. From their accent to the colour of their […]

With the recent signing of an agreement between the U.S. and Russia that tightens the regulations on Americans adopting Russian children, the issue of intercountry adoptions has once more been put into the spotlight. All adoptions require a degree of adapting, but if the child is not only moving home but moving country does this make […]

Nearly 40 per cent of Emirati and expatriate schoolchildren in the UAE have been classed as overweight. News which has prompted recent worry amongst health professionals and parents alike. The UAE is not alone in this, however; excess weight is a problem affecting children in many countries and is linked to health problems later in […]

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