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Settling into a new country can be hard, especially for children who have to start a new school abroad. Cultural differences, language, accent, fashion… every detail is a challenge in the eyes of an expat kid. Here are a few tips to prepare your child to go back to school in a new country. Before […]

TEDx’s ‘The Sustainable Future’ event will be taking place on March 28th at St Johns International School in Waterloo, Belgium. In association with the European Commissioner for Energy, there will be an impressive programme of talks from industry experts, that will be streamed live around the globe. Simultaneously, there will be interactive workshops for Europe’s […]

When expat families move to the United Arab Emirates many choose to enroll their children in an international school, often one which follows the curriculum of their home country. Previously, international schooling was the only option as expat kids were not allowed to attend government schools, however, as of 2006/2007 they can now enroll for […]

September 2012 marked the private school, Avenues, opening its doors to the future generation of multilingual and digital savvy students. As an expat, the first thing you probably realised is that having multilingual children is a huge advantage for them, both in terms of career prospects and for the sake of appearing cultured. You may […]

A good educational environment is one of the prime concerns for expats moving abroad, and the choice of school can have a profound impact on children’s development and happiness in later life. Life for expat children, with the regular uprooting and relocation, can be hard on them and their parents as they try to maintain […]

Plaid skirts, khaki pants, white polo shirts. Whether children despise or approve, it is not uncommon to see kids all around the world commuting to and from school in their uniform. Wearing a uniform for primary and secondary school-aged children is common practice in many countries, but uniform policy continues to be a highly debated […]

Schools in London have some of the most ethnically diverse students in the UK. In a recent study, information was collected on the language children speak at home. It found 60% of students reported English as their first language. Nearly 40% of those surveyed speak a minority language at home. Bengali, Urdu and Somali are […]

As entry into the top private schools becomes increasingly competitive more expats are hiring tutors. These modern tutors are often multi-lingual, artistic, sporty and accompany their charges all around the globe. “London’s affluent expat population particularly seems to favour tutoring, which is making the market competitive,” founder and director of Holland Park Tuition, William Stadlen, […]

As expat parents we want and expect an international school to give our children a quality education, excellent sports programs, fabulous teachers, a school administration that listens and responds to parent needs, and a positive social network for children and parents. The bottom line is, we want our kids to be “happy” and we believe […]

If cost is driving your search for an international school, don’t head to Switzerland. A new tool from Lloyds TSB International shows the country has the most expensive international schools in the world. Average annual school fees are GBP 16,612. Within Switzerland, Lausanne is home to the priciest schools. Average fees there are GBP 19,900, compared […]

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