Lloyds creates tool for international schools

Data from Lloyds TSB International shows that schools are most expensive in Switzerland.

If cost is driving your search for an international school, don’t head to Switzerland. A new tool from Lloyds TSB International shows the country has the most expensive international schools in the world.

Average annual school fees are GBP 16,612.

Within Switzerland, Lausanne is home to the priciest schools. Average fees there are GBP 19,900, compared to “only” GBP 14,000 in Geneva.

Part of the reason a Swiss education is so expensive is foreign exchange movements over the last year. The franc has risen steadily, making prices for everything from chocolate treats to school tuition skyrocket.

But if forex has put a strain on expat parents’ pockets in Switzerland, it’s made things easier on those in Hong Kong.

The Asian expat hotspot has a currency pegged to the dollar. As a result, it’s become a bargain in terms of British pounds. Average annual school fees in Hong Kong are only GBP 6,576. The cheapest, Peak School, averages fees of just GBP 416-GBP 641 a year.

That isn’t to say expats should simply herd their kids to the cheapest schools. It’s important for parents to consider cost in relation to their children’s needs. Curriculum should also play an important role in school selection (if not THE most important). After all, if there’s one thing worth a little extra investment, it’s your children’s future.