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When expat families move to the United Arab Emirates many choose to enroll their children in an international school, often one which follows the curriculum of their home country. Previously, international schooling was the only option as expat kids were not allowed to attend government schools, however, as of 2006/2007 they can now enroll for […]

As expat parents we want and expect an international school to give our children a quality education, excellent sports programs, fabulous teachers, a school administration that listens and responds to parent needs, and a positive social network for children and parents. The bottom line is, we want our kids to be “happy” and we believe […]

If cost is driving your search for an international school, don’t head to Switzerland. A new tool from Lloyds TSB International shows the country has the most expensive international schools in the world. Average annual school fees are GBP 16,612. Within Switzerland, Lausanne is home to the priciest schools. Average fees there are GBP 19,900, compared […]

Recently The Telegraph‘s Warwick Mansell posted a guide to a number of expat schools in Hong Kong. He noted that a shortage of land has led demand for spots at international schools to spike sharply. These include Harrow International School (due to open in 2012), the South Island School and the Kellett School. At about HKD […]

One of the key concerns for an expat family re-locating abroad is education for the kids. There are definite benefits to being educated in a foreign country: expat kids are more adaptable and tend to learn more quickly than their peers at home. The big problem is that a proper education abroad can be phenomenally […]

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