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When you have a child with special needs, your entire decision to relocate abroad may come down to whether you can find a school to accept him. All international schools have the right to accept or deny children at their discretion. Before you accept your expat posting, you need to make sure your child can […]

From the moment you decide to have a baby, the worry starts. I remember being nervous throughout my entire pregnancy, yet retaining the false hope that once the baby was born, I could relax. Boy was I wrong. It’s only after delivery that the real anxiety begins. And actually, it never ends. As our kids grow […]

Over the last couple of years it has proven to be increasingly difficult for children with special needs to gain entry into international schools. Those who do get in often find support services very limited. As a group of educational consultants based in Singapore, it was difficult to sit back and watch this happen. There […]

Recently The Telegraph‘s Warwick Mansell posted a guide to a number of expat schools in Hong Kong. He noted that a shortage of land has led demand for spots at international schools to spike sharply. These include Harrow International School (due to open in 2012), the South Island School and the Kellett School. At about HKD […]

One of the key concerns for an expat family re-locating abroad is education for the kids. There are definite benefits to being educated in a foreign country: expat kids are more adaptable and tend to learn more quickly than their peers at home. The big problem is that a proper education abroad can be phenomenally […]

The Island of Masirah, home to about 7,000 expatriates, is set to get a new primary school, reported Mrudu Naik in The Times of Oman (article no longer available). Expats living on the island (many of whom work at the Al Maha petrol station) had complained about the lack of a foreign school, as it […]

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