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TEDx’s ‘The Sustainable Future’ event will be taking place on March 28th at St Johns International School in Waterloo, Belgium. In association with the European Commissioner for Energy, there will be an impressive programme of talks from industry experts, that will be streamed live around the globe. Simultaneously, there will be interactive workshops for Europe’s […]

With more parents undertaking international work assignments than ever before, a growing number of children have begun to experience their childhood in a foreign atmosphere, learning to adapt to an expat life. The implications of moving abroad are significant for children in both advantageous and disadvantageous ways. From their accent to the colour of their […]

We’ve found most expats are pretty keen on social media, given how useful it is for shrinking the distance between loved ones and helping them connect with others living similar lives. In fact there are countless expat bloggers and tweeters who focus almost solely on their personal experiences. However most of them are adults. Or […]

If cost is driving your search for an international school, don’t head to Switzerland. A new tool from Lloyds TSB International shows the country has the most expensive international schools in the world. Average annual school fees are GBP 16,612. Within Switzerland, Lausanne is home to the priciest schools. Average fees there are GBP 19,900, compared […]

When you have a child with special needs, your entire decision to relocate abroad may come down to whether you can find a school to accept him. All international schools have the right to accept or deny children at their discretion. Before you accept your expat posting, you need to make sure your child can […]

From the moment you decide to have a baby, the worry starts. I remember being nervous throughout my entire pregnancy, yet retaining the false hope that once the baby was born, I could relax. Boy was I wrong. It’s only after delivery that the real anxiety begins. And actually, it never ends. As our kids grow […]

Over the last couple of years it has proven to be increasingly difficult for children with special needs to gain entry into international schools. Those who do get in often find support services very limited. As a group of educational consultants based in Singapore, it was difficult to sit back and watch this happen. There […]

Giving birth at all (never mind abroad) is an all-consuming experience, so it’s easy to forget the details, such as filling out the proper paperwork. Many countries require documentation proving you’ve had a child abroad, allowing (among other things) for the child to be considered a citizen of your country of origin. In the US […]

Despite being one of the most expensive places to live in the world, expats rave about Singapore. CNNGo’s Aimee Chan recently wrote a piece featuring interviews with several Singapore expats trying to pin down the appeal. The families she spoke with all highlighted the family-friendly environment, touching on topics from safety to cultural adaptation.

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