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According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey countries reporting the highest expatriate salaries don’t have the happiest children. In fact, some of the countries with the happiest children rank the lowest in terms of parent salary. This goes to show that what children relocating abroad need, isn’t necessarily related to money. The countries rated the highest […]

If cost is driving your search for an international school, don’t head to Switzerland. A new tool from Lloyds TSB International shows the country has the most expensive international schools in the world. Average annual school fees are GBP 16,612. Within Switzerland, Lausanne is home to the priciest schools. Average fees there are GBP 19,900, compared […]

Giving birth at all (never mind abroad) is an all-consuming experience, so it’s easy to forget the details, such as filling out the proper paperwork. Many countries require documentation proving you’ve had a child abroad, allowing (among other things) for the child to be considered a citizen of your country of origin. In the US […]

One of the key concerns for an expat family re-locating abroad is education for the kids. There are definite benefits to being educated in a foreign country: expat kids are more adaptable and tend to learn more quickly than their peers at home. The big problem is that a proper education abroad can be phenomenally […]

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