HSBC’s 2010 Expat Explorer Survey found Belgium the top destination for expat kids, based on the quality of childcare and education available. The survey noted that

Belgium scores particularly well when looking at the cost of raising children, with half of Belgium-based expats (50%) agreeing that the cost of raising children has reduced since relocating.

Interestingly, this reduction in cost is accompanied by an increase in standards. Whilst 65% of expats believe that the cost of childcare is lower than in their home country, a further 68% think that the quality of childcare received has actually improved upon relocation, showing that for expats in Belgium good quality childcare needn’t come at a high price.

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Expat Kids offers information and tips for professionals working with expatriate children and families moving abroad. Our practical tips help families deal with challenges such as

  • international schooling
  • cultural adaptation
  • managing pregnancy and birth while abroad

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